We get bored too.

Apart from wanting to keep you interested we also need to stop ourselves from getting bored.

Humdrum is something that can destroy a business……particularly where food is concerned.

Lack of change and imagination is where it starts.

What do we do about it? Re-paint our frontage on High Street? Too easy, but a new collection of dishes is a different matter. It gets the adrenalin pumping and the kitchen love it.

Tried and tested.

Whatever we decide to make everything must pass the taste test, and be true to its description and the ingredients used. We also want our dishes to look good, be easy to serve and travel well.

After much chopping, slicing, dicing, grinding, cooking, tasting and re-jigging of recipes here are the results for your enjoyment.

Not only for you (to check availability or place an order (03 9 822 8849) but also when catering is needed. Dinner parties, ready to serve platters, party food.