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Desserts & Cakes


Never Prepare A Main Meal Again.

Save yourself the time and effort.

You can relax knowing that whatever you choose has been freshly and skilfully prepared using only prime ingredients and produce.
Meals like delectable Veal Provencale, flavour filled Moroccan Chicken and authentic Tuscan Meatballs. For your absolute convenience all dishes are ready for the oven or stovetop. Most are gluten free and freezer friendly.

The choice of foodies.

The taste , flavour and quality is unmatched with perhaps the exception of well regarded restaurants.It prompted the Foodies Guide To Melbourne by Allan Campion and Michelle Curtis to write in 2013.  “A perennial favourite among those who love good food but either can’t or don’t have time to cook”.

Versatile entertainers.

You will also find our main courses perform well at dinner parties, work functions and social get togethers. Go to Main Course Meals for the details.

Always changing, never out of touch.

New dishes are regularly introduced.Some with the change of seasons to take advantage of in -season produce like soups, salads, sweet and savoury tarts, cakes and desserts.These are posted on the website as they become available.

For an update phone (03) 9822-8849.