Guess what Tartine has learned from 30+ years in High Street, Armadale

That Anytime Catering is a Hit!

Tartine is on show and operating 7 days a week.

Because of this we are able to cater for a variety of functions, events and food requirements; particularly where you have been given short notice and are expected to organise impressive catering.

7 Day, Freshness and Quality

Tartine works with daily deliveries of quality, fresh produce and ingredients, guaranteeing taste, flavour and appearance.

The proof as they say is in the eating. No more so than with our globally inspired finger food, ready to serve platters, artisan salads, main courses, desserts and cakes

That Take Home has to be worth the Taking!

This is where Tartine began….to show ,that take home could be exceptional and equal to a restaurant meal, if not better.

Instead of bland, stodgy and ordinary, as it was back in the day, and in many instances still is.

Freshly prepared from the best ingredients, our take home has the added advantage for busy people and families, of being table or oven ready .

That Tartine could save your Day and Reputation

Tartine’s instant party food and small eats has made, and saved many reputations, when faced with impromptu get togethers and celebrations. The quick fix is our daily, freshly prepared (7 days) bench top selection.

Convenience and no Compromise

It’s too easy today to cut corners, but if you are fair dinkum and proud of your food ,you don’t. Nothing is mass produced. Everything is handmade using only fresh, prime ingredients and produce, with no preservatives or artificial anything.

A Family Commitment to Good Food

Customers and clients have been able to rely on this for over 30 years. Owners Jan Maskiell and daughters Nikki, Kate, Samantha and their staff are responsible for the iconic status Tartine has achieved in Armadale. They continue to keep it at the forefront of food stores and caterers in Melbourne.


New News

Raspberry & couverture chocolate mud pudding, fresh soups, hearty oven ready mains, luxe pies & more