35 Caulfield and Melbourne Cups – and still going strong

What Makes Tartine Go?

Daily deliveries of fresh produce and ingredients gets us started .Taste, flavour and quality is a healthy obsession. Mass production is rejected in favour of making everything in small batches and quantities. With no preservatives, additives or artificial anything.

Fast And Fresh Favouritism

To be given favouritism in the catering stakes our starters have been chosen for speed-ready to serve freshness (7 days a week), style, appearance, and ease of handling.

Expertise and Experience

In deciding on a super selection that has an impressive range of dishes and specialities, long time Tartine owners Jan Maskiell and her daughters Nikki, Kate and Samantha have the hands-on experience to know what will be the most successful for you and your guests.

No Drips Thank You!

A small but potentially important example of this; for the sake of your clothes, is items that don’t drip, fall apart or dry out.

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