Salads… the good, the bad and the best under the sun

Who said you can’t compare apples with oranges? They did not have salads in mind; or did they? Maybe the mass produced type vs the hand-made, imaginative, choice ingredients variety?

No excuse. With the abundance of quality ingredients available locally, there is no excuse for bad salads.

But every incentive to create great ones. Going fresh fruit and vegetables crazy. It’s not a touch of summer madness; it’s what happens naturally at Tartine. Daily deliveries of fresh produce; in season wherever possible is the life-force of our kitchen, and what we can offer you. A salad symphony. Tartine composes a minimum of 6 ‘special ‘ salads daily; Monday is no different to Sunday.

Living on salads. It’s been said you can live on salads, many of our customers say they do-the same with our year round, fresh and nutritious soups. Seasonal is sweet and savoury too. Tarts, cakes, desserts and puddings take centre stage during summer; as do other dishes,l ike savoury flans, vegetarian mains, and our mezze/tapas bench top selection.

Summer doesn’t last forever, don’t miss out on the good stuff.

Summer Is Tartine Food & Activity’s